SEC Football:  The West’s Most Important Offensive Players

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While it is commonly accepted that quarterback is the most important position on the field, LSU has never bought into that idea.  I’m sure they would love an all-time great, but they have always had a stable of running backs.  Leonard Fournette…your turn.

Leonard Fournette’s growth as an SEC tailback will dictate the level of success the Tigers can achieve in 2015.  LSU has questions at quarterback, but Miles has shown an ability in the past to find a way to win games without quality quarterback play.  Fournette will be the driving factor behind this team.

If Fournette strikes the Heisman pose a little more often and reels off a few big plays per game, LSU’s entire offense will function more efficiently.   If that happens, LSU can live up to their billing as the third best team in the SEC West.

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