Kentucky Football: Who is the Wildcat’s Best?

As we continue to dream of SEC football, we’ll look at each team and tell you who their best player is.  Kentucky football is up next, and their best player is deserving of more recognition.

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Each SEC football team has at least a few studs.  Whether it be their middle linebacker, corner, wide receiver or quarterback, each fan base has those few guys they can point to and say “he’s that dude.”  The question becomes, though, who is the best?  We now try to answer that for Kentucky football.

Kentucky football doesn’t get much love, even from their fans.  Most feel like their beloved Wildcats are primarily a basketball school and cheer accordingly.  What is more is that I know several Kentucky fans that are not Kentucky football fans.  I had never heard of such a thing, but several fans that love Kentucky basketball claim a different SEC team for football.  Can someone please explain that to me? 

Regardless, Kentucky football does exist and they’re making a slow climb to relevancy under the direction of head coach Mark Stoops.  During his first year the Wildcats went 2-10 and have followed it with back-to-back 5-7 seasons.  While those two 5 win seasons don’t inspire much passion, it is consistency and close to relevant.  The Wildcats will breakthrough to a bowl game in 2016 — thanks in large part to Stanley “Boom” Williams.

Williams has yet to produce a 1,000 yard season for Kentucky football, but it’s largely because Kentucky has not been consistently rushing the ball.  Williams is averaging 6.9 yards per carry over his the life of his Kentucky football career and his 2015 was even more impressive.  While he only had 121 carries, Williams still managed to average 7.1 yards per carry.  Expect that to remain close to the same as his rush load increases on the way to attaining a 1,000 yard season for Kentucky football in 2016.

If Kentucky football truly wants to become a relevant factor in the SEC East, they have to be able to move the ball effectively.   Williams has shown he can do that and more.  Once he gets a bigger opportunity this season, he’ll help the Wildcats finally break through that glass ceiling of bowl eligibility.  Once he does that, maybe Kentucky basketball fans will become Kentucky football fans.  Maybe.