Georgia Football: Bulldogs seem to like bulletin board material

The Georgia Bulldogs football team keeps proving doubters wrong. In the national championship game, we will see if yet another opponent has to eat his words.

The Georgia Bulldogs football team has received a lot of criticism from doubters this season. This has happened despite losing only one game on the road, winning the SEC Championship and making it to the national championship with a second-year head coach and a true freshman quarterback.

However, the critics have not given Georgia a break. But the Bulldogs have proven that the trash talk only gives them more motivation.

When Florida Gators defensive back Chauncey Gardner claimed that anybody could pass like Georgia freshman quarterback Jake Fromm, the Bulldogs went on to defeat Florida 42-7.

The Gators were held scoreless for three quarters. Florida only put points on the board in the fourth quarter when Georgia had pulled most of the starters. Fromm had over 100 yards and one touchdown.

However, the Bulldogs’ blowout win over Florida did not stop other opponents from talking smack. South Carolina Gamecocks safety Chris Lammons also criticized Georgia’s passing game prior to the Bulldogs 24-10 win over the Gamecocks. In that game, Fromm was 16 for 22 with 196 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Unlike Florida and South Carolina, the Auburn Tigers saved their trash talk for after the game. When the Tigers defeated the Bulldogs 40-17 in the regular season, Auburn coach Gus Malzahn was caught on camera making some snide remarks about the win.

When Georgia and Auburn met again in the SEC Championship game, Georgia only allowed one touchdown, blocked a field goal and defeated the Tigers 28-7.

As the Bulldogs prepared for the national championship game, yet another opponent decided to take a shot at Georgia. Alabama Crimson Tide freshman receiver Jerry Jeudy claimed none of the Bulldogs’ defensive backs could hold the Crimson Tide.

Throughout the entire season, the Bulldogs have proven that they do not let the critics get inside their heads. Georgia is eager to prove doubters wrong. In most cases, they seem to have played better when opponents have trash talked. Tonight, we will see if they can continue to prove the haters wrong. But despite the outcome of the game, Georgia has had quite a run this season. Win or lose, the Bulldogs are the real deal, and they will only get better in seasons to come.

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