Tennessee football: committing to a foundation of strength

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Tennessee football coach Jeremy Pruitt is Mr. No Nonsense. He may have found his mirror image in new Strength and Conditioning Coach Chad Fitzgerald.

New Tennessee football strength and conditioning head coach Chad Fitzgerald is taking down the mirrors in the UT weight room.

“We don’t need our guys looking at themselves,” said Fitzgerald in a video posted to the Volunteers’ football Twitter account. “We need them training.”

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Sounds like Coach Fitzgerald is going to get along well with Mr. No Nonsense, Tennessee football head coach Jeremy Pruitt. It wasn’t a cinch he would .

The Mirror image of Mr. No Nonsense

Pruitt and Fitzgerald see eye to eye.

“And I’ll tell you this right now: You talk about discipline in the program, here’s the discipline we’ve got: Zero tolerance. Zero tolerance when it comes to class attendance, when it comes to tutors, when it comes to academic appointments, weight room, training room, when you go eat, the dining area, the meal’s mandatory.”

Sounds like Mr. no Nonsense found his right hand man.

“There’s zero tolerance. If you’re one second late, that’s late, get you a 5 a.m. (workout) the next morning. That’s what we’re operating on right now in talking about changing the culture.”

It’s like Pruitt is looking in the mirror when he looks at Fitzgerald.

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