Georgia football: enclose Sanford Stadium?

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Georgia football fans are most dangerous with time on their hands. With summer camp weeks away, some dream of enclosing Sanford Stadium. That’s not happening.

G Day has come and gone, and Georgia football fall camp is weeks off. Welcome to the silly season, the time when a Bulldog’s mind fills with the absurd, like enclosing Sanford Stadium.

Logic. We don’t need logic.

Sanford Stadium seats 92,746 fans and is fifth in the SEC behind Texas A&M’s 105,512, Tennessee’s 102,455, LSU’s 102,321, and Alabama’s 101,821. With Auburn always trying to match Alabama, Sanford Stadium could soon drop out of the top five. It’s vital to stay in the top five of everything. The top three is better, and tops is best of all because everything is a competition.

No, everything is not a competition. Teams compete on the field to put points on the scoreboard. Success is measured in wins and losses. The quality of a team’s season is determined by  number of wins achieved, against which opponent, when and where. Fans, however, are generally delusional – that’s why they are called “fans.”

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