Georgia football’s weapon of mass recruiting

Georgia football revealed its latest facility investment this past weekend and collected an immediate dividend.

Georgia football fired its newest weapon of mass recruiting this weekend. The mission of the new Sanford Stadium recruiting lounge and locker rooms? Bring the world’s finest football talent to Athens.

Mission accomplished

Chip Towers of the AJC’s Dawgnation reflected on the cost benefit of such an investment.

“How much is a great football player worth to the university anyway? How would one even begin to quantify that? Surely somebody over in UGA’s prestigious Terry College of Business has come up with a number.”


President Morehead crunched the numbers long ago. It appears the guy is pretty good with the numbers. The bottom line on North Campus reads like this: what’s good for Georgia football is good for Georgia.

Immediate dividend for Georgia football

Georgia football’s 63 million dollar investment paid an immediate dividend this weekend. After getting one good look at the new Sanford Stadium west end complex, 5-star running John Emery Jr. and 4-star outside linebacker Makiya Tongue both committed to play sign with and play for Georgia

While Emery is a headlining five-star running back talent, the commitment of that other Louisiana talent, Tongue, best exemplifies how Georgia’s facility investments are impacting Georgia football.

Tongue plays for the University Laboratory School.  The school is on the LSU compus, a fifteen minute walk from Tiger Stadium, but Tongue chose to travel to Athens.

Emery also lives near the LSU campus in Destrehan. Georgia has D’Andre Swift, freshmen Zamir White and James Cook already on campus. All ranked among the top three running backs in the country out of high school, and LSU has no idea who will carry the ball for them this fall.  Still, Emery found Georgia football attractive enough to leave the shores of Lake Pontchartrain for the Georgia foothills.

Talent rich Dawgs

Georgia assistant Coach Dell McGee is an assassin recruiter, but pulling not one, but two elite Louisiana prospects from the long recruiting  shadows cast by Tiger Stadium would have been unthinkable two years ago. With Georgia surging in the facility race, not so unthinkable this past weekend.

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Georgia counts five five-star prospects among its commits. The rest of the SEC East combines for  two. The Dawgs have 10 four-stars recruits, more than double everyone in the East aside from Tennessee.

But wait, there’s more. An expanded weight room, new coaches offices and meeting rooms are planned. It could be that Georgia football is just getting started.

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