Chauncey Gardner-Johnson throws shade at Gators’ culture

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is known for being an outspoken player, but no one expected him to take aim at the University of Florida.

Throughout his college career, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson accumulated celebrity status on the campus at the University of Florida. He was the guy who stood up for the program and always had something to say on and off the field.

But he recently took aim at the coaching staff via Twitter after an unknown situation occurred.

The entire fanbase was left in utter shock. Johnson was the last player that anyone would expect to throw jabs at his former school. After all, he was the guy who took the Gator head and raised it high after the triumphant win against Florida State in Tallahassee.

And he was the guy who had to be physically stopped from planting a Florida flag onto the middle of the field in Lexington.

However, the love that Gardner once felt for his school has seemingly went missing.

Chauncey continued to berate his former school, posting:

“It’s hard to graduate from a school when you know the [explicit] they said about you to [explicit] near not have a job at the next level.”

It’s clear that the Florida coaching staff did something to elicit these tweets, but no one really knows what happened. Gardner never fully explained the depth of the situation and has since moved on.

But one thing is for certain. It definitely does not shine a positive light on Dan Mullen and the rest of the coaching staff down in Gainesville.

When high school prospects visit schools, they want to hear about all of the athletes that were propelled to the next level- it’s somewhat of a security blanket. The last thing that the Gators need is a negative narrative painted across the internet for everyone to see. Especially after missing out on a number of 2020 recruits this season.

Earlier this month, Florida coach John Herron found himself in the middle of a Twitter scuffle after former Gator commit Kamar Wilcoxson decided to flip to the Tennessee Volunteers. Herron shared his thoughts and word eventually got out.

Herron was later berated by the Volunteers’ Twitter community.

It looks like Mullen has some work to do if he wants to clean up Florida’s reputation. There’s really nothing good that can come out of a coach arguing with a player on Twitter, followed by a former player bashing the program on a national scale.

Even though no one truly knows the depth of Chauncey’s tweets, we can assume that the possibility of future prospects shying away from the school will come as a result.

How can Mullen fix this mess?

Perhaps he could start by assisting Gardner with some online applications.







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