SEC football: Power ranking every school’s fanbase for 2020

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The SEC football logo (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

As we (hopefully) prepare for the 2020 SEC football season it’s important to know which fanbases have been the most vocal and supportive.

Like the rest of the world, SEC football fans are anxious to get back to a somewhat more normal routine which would include preparing for the upcoming 2020 football season.

Right now, there’s no guarantee the season will even happen. It could be delayed, shortened, have a contracted number of teams, be played without fans, or we may even see the SEC just have their own season.

Through all of this, fans of every SEC school have been hoping for the best and letting everyone know how much the football season would mean to them, even if they can’t attend the games.

With the weirdest offseason we’ve ever seen, here’s how the SEC football fanbases stack up.

SEC football fanbase power ranking 14-12: We can’t hear you!



So far, and not surprisingly, we’ve heard very little from Vanderbilt fans this offseason. The #AnchorDown hashtag hasn’t made much of an appearance, and truly, the Commodores are probably looking at yet another dismal season.

This could be an important year in Derek Mason’s career as Vandy’s head coach. He’s been given a lot of leeway so far, but at some point, you have to think the Vanderbilt athletic boosters and administrators will want more.

Or, perhaps they’ve just accepted that the James Franklin years were lightning in a bottle.



For such a proud institution that had a pretty decent football history, Mizzou fans have all but faded into the background. Bringing in a new head coach without a lot of experience and who had no real attachment or association to the program probably has a lot of Tiger fans scratching their heads wondering exactly what Eli Drinkwitz will be able to do for them.

After some initial success in their first few years in the SEC, Missouri has settled back into a perennial also-ran, and with it, their fans have become much less engaged.

It’s not even fun to taunt or troll them anymore, and without a true rival in the conference, it’s probably hard for the fanbase to really get excited unless the Tigers begin winning again.



Times are tough (again) in Fayetteville, and while the Hawg Nation is generally ready to go with a Woo Pig at any time, with five different head coaches and only three winning seasons in the last 10 years, it seems Arkansas fans have been worn a little thin.

Like Mizzou, the Razorbacks will have a new head coach this season. The difference being, Arkansas fans are actually a little pumped up about former Georgia offensive line coach and recruiting guru, Sam Pittman.

That said, the Arkansas fanbase has been a little quiet. After all the hype and “Hawgs are back” talk that came with the hiring of Chad Morris two years ago, Arky fans are probably a being a little cautious about trolling anyone right now.

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