Donte Starks dismissed from LSU football following arrest

Ed Orgeron announced Friday morning that LSU football will be without Donte Starks after violating team rules.

According to CBS Sports, Donte Starks was arrested in February for illegally possessing a concealed weapon and attempting to run from officers.

Although the incident happened three months ago, Orgeron finally made the announcement Friday morning. Apparently, Starks had been indefinitely suspended from LSU football the day after the arrest.

And while Starks wasn’t projected to play a pivotal role in 2020, it definitely cuts the Tigers’ linebacking core just a tad bit slimmer. Last season, Starks earned a redshirt with hopes to progress in Orgeron’s fine defensive system.

Starks only contributed in three games, playing special teams and providing little to no impact to the national championship team; however, he was expected to get some reps in at inside linebacker this season.

You really do hate to see something like this- a kid’s life potentially ruined over a dumb decision. And while I hold sympathy for the young man, it’s hard to rationalize something like this.

There’s thousands upon thousands of people who would love to be in the guy’s position. And all of it was thrown away.

Unfortunately, the kid will have to live with this regret for the rest of his life- hopefully he’ll use it as a learning lesson. It definitely sets an example for the rest of the team. At any moment, all of this can be taken away.

Obviously this was an easy decision for Orgeron, as both chargers result in misdemeanors, but letting a kid go and closing the door has got to be heartbreaking.

Hopefully he gets another shot in the future.