SEC football: Who’s the real DBU?

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Tyrann Mathieu celebrating in the SEC football championship game.

Tyrann Mathieu of the LSU Tigers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

‘The real DBU’ is a title that has been circulating across SEC football for quite awhile. It’s time to find out who IS the real DBU.

‘DBU’ is kind of a touchy subject in SEC football. Many teams use the term as a declaration of defensive back supremacy, but realistically, there can only be one.

It’s been widely debated and the cause of many arguments on the internet as we’ve heard the name coined by the likes of Florida, LSU and South Carolina. But the only real way to find out who owns DBU will be to unpack a multitude of statistics. You know what they say, numbers never lie!

But fans do. Truth be told, there’s always a level of bias when talking to fans of a sport’s team. You never really know if they’re being sincere or if they’re just scratching their own backs- which is okay!

I understand and I get it. This is why we will be dissecting the argument from a complete non-biased standpoint with hopes to finally find some sort of clarity as to who actually is Defensive Back University.

After all, even coaches use it as a selling point to try and leverage their way through the competitive world of recruiting- again, I don’t blame them.

But there also has to be some sort of honesty, and every question deserves an answer.

Today, we will statistically uncover the real winner of the term and find out who really is DBU.

Instead of tracing every micro stat from each school’s entire lifespan, we will solely focus on the program’s DB success over the past decade.

Let’s get started.

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