Georgia football: How Larry Munson might have called these big Bulldog moments

What if Larry Munson had been alive to call these huge Georgia football moments.

Georgia football fans only love one thing as much as their beloved Bulldogs, and that’s the late Larry Munson, who was the radio voice of the Dawgs for 42 years, and is immortalized in the memory of the Bulldog Nation.

Throughout his career as the Voice of the Bulldogs, Munson delighted audiences — home and away — with his colorful vernacular and downhome style.

“Look at the sugar falling out of the sky!”, “We just stepped on their nose with a hobnailed boot and broke their nose”, and “Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott! … Well, I can’t believe it” are among some of Munson’s most famous and often-repeated calls.

Munson passed away in 2011, prior to the end of the Mark Richt era in Athens, and with that, he’s also been absent for the turnaround orchestrated by current head coach Kirby Smart.

With all due respect to Scott Howard, who has been the radio voice of the Bulldogs since Munson retired in 2008, it’s fun to wonder how the biggest homer of them all might have called some huge recent moments in Georgia football history.

While trying to do a Munson impersonation might be fun, for this exercise the words will be enough. Just read them with the sound of Larry Munson’s unmistakeable gruff and gravelly voice resonating in your head.

Georgia football moment: Forced fumble to seal win vs. Notre Dame in 2017

How Larry Munson might have called this play. (4:38 mark in video)

Georgia walks up to the line with a minute thirty-eight left in the game and a one-point lead. It’s been a tough battle down there today and it’s up to the defense to hunker down one last time here in Notre Dame Stadium. 

The Dawgs have four men on the line and everyone else is back trying to keep the Irish from hitting a big one here. They snap the ball to Wimbush and he drops back. He’s looking across the middle but…oh my!…there’s a Dawg free coming around the edge and…who is that? It’s Davin Bellamy and he sacks Wimbush hard and wait..the ball is out.! Yes, the ball is out and who’s got it? 

I can’t tell from up here. There are white and blue shirts piling up on the spot where Wimbush dropped the football and we’re waiting for the official to make a signal. It’s too hard to see who got the ball, but the Dawgs seem to think it’s them. 

And it is!! It’s Georgia football!! Oh man, Davin Bellamy just broke their hearts with a strip-sack and Georgia is going to come away with a win on the road at Notre Dame when nobody game them a shot starting freshman quarterback Jake Fromm. 

It’s like these two never stopped playing in the 1981 Sugar Bowl and just picked up the pounding where they left off. Brother, what a huge win for the Dawgs! 

Georgia football moment: Sony Michel scores in OT to win Rose Bowl vs Oklahoma

How Larry Munson may have seen one of the greatest plays in Georgia football history

Man this Rose Bowl game has been one heart attack after another. Georgia and Oklahoma all tied up in overtime and now the Dawgs have a chance to win it and get on back to Atlanta for the College Football Playoff. All the Dawgs need is a field goal and this roller coaster will finally stop. 

Dawgs line up in that wild-dog formation, with Sony Michel set to take a direct snap. They scored out of this formation earlier, maybe lightning with strike twice here in Southern California. 

The ball is snapped to Michel, he runs left, and he’s almost taken down behind the line but he gets to the outside and…oh my god, Michel has room! He’s going down the sideline…20…15…10…5…and Sony Michel does it himself and sends Georgia to a win in the Rose Bowl!  The guys are jumping all over Michel in the end zone, I hope they don’t hurt him because the Dawgs still need him for at least one more game. 

The Oklahoma fans are just stunned right now and Baker Mayfield looks like he just saw his grandaddy’s ghost. Wow, what a run by Michel. What a game by the Dawgs. This team has no quit in them at all, and the Georgia fans here in Pasadena are just going berserk! Sony Michel just put himself permanently in the Georgia history books with that run into the end zone. 

The Bulldog Nation misses you Larry, and it would have been great to hear you make these calls.