Georgia vs LSU: 2022 SEC Championship Game preview, TV schedule

Can the LSU Tigers pull off the upset after losing to Texas A&M? Will the Georgia Bulldogs get bored and not cover the spread against a mediocre opponent once again? What are the playoff implications for the Bulldogs in the 2022 SEC Championship Game?  Do they need to win this game to get the one-seed and by how much?

TV schedule: December 3rd, 4:00 P.M. on CBS

Location: Mercedes Benz-Stadium

The LSU Tigers go into the 2022 SEC Championship Game with a record of 9-3. They are coming off a horrible loss to Texas A&M. The Tigers had a shot at the playoff until last week, as winning the SEC title, plus an Alabama win, plus a Georgia win would have gotten them into the playoff. The loss against a Texas A&M team that will not even be bowl-eligible this season eliminated them from the playoff.

The Tigers had a very weird season. It began with very sloppy play in a loss against Florida State, then they won three games in a row and kept on winning despite a very ugly game against Auburn. They got blown out by Tennessee the next week. They came back against Florida and then upset Ole Miss by shutting down their offense.

They beat Alabama the next week in a thriller that ended in a two-point conversion. They barely beat an Arkansas team that went .500 this season. They beat UAB, but allowed them to be a little closer than they should have been. Finally, they lost To Texas A&M because they couldn’t defend the run all night among other things.

While the Tigers can’t get into the playoff with a win, they still can improve their bowl projections and get into a better bowl. If they win this game, or play Georgia close, LSU will have a great case for the Sugar Bowl, despite the loss against Texas A&M to end the regular season.

The Georgia Bulldogs go into the 2022 SEC Championship Game with an undefeated record of 12-0. They have looked sloppy at times this season against way worse opponents. They have allowed the likes of Georgia Tech and Kent State to play them way too close. The Bulldogs were down in the fourth by three to an eventual 6-win Missouri team before again pulling through with the victory.

The Georgia Bulldogs have struggled in the red zone this season. They have mainly done this against mediocre opponents this season. When they played their best opponent of the year (Tennessee), they quickly took care of business in the red zone, settling for a field goal once when the game was actually a little bit close.

Georgia will be playing for seeding in this title game. With their undefeated record, and wins against Tennessee and Oregon, Georgia is in the college football playoff. While they will be in the playoff, the Bulldogs have to win this game if they want the one seed. If they lose this game, Georgia will most likely be seeded fourth or third depending on if TCU or USC loses as well in their conference game.

I don’t really think LSU will have a shot without Jayden Daniels back behind center. He left the Texas A&M game with an injury. As of Monday, he was in a walking boot. There wasn’t any showing of a high ankle sprain during tests, so he still has a shot to play on Saturday. If Daniels doesn’t play, the Tigers have even less of a shot to win the game than they already do.

LSU will need to find a way to score against the amazing Georgia Bulldogs defense. The Bulldogs have allowed only 11 points per game. That is the least amount of points allowed per game.

The offense may struggle in the red zone for the Bulldogs, but if the Tigers want to avoid but a close game for a quarter or two (like how other underwhelming teams have done against Georgia), then they need to somehow find a way to score against this Georgia defense.

2022 SEC Championship Game Prediction: Georgia 24, LSU 14

I don’t think the Bulldogs take this game seriously after seeing the LSU Tigers lose to Texas A&M. I think they will struggle in the red zone, especially in the passing game. Still, the running game is led by Kenny McIntosh. Georgia’s defense will play sloppy once again, and allow LSU to score one or two touchdowns.