SEC Basketball: Counting down the Top 4 teams of all-time

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SEC Basketball

2014-15 Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

College and SEC basketball is a mixed bag. On one end of the spectrum you have your Cinderella’s – the FAU’s, Loyala Chicago’s, and VCU’s of the world – and on the other hand you have your blue bloods – the North Carolina’s, Kentucky’s, and Duke’s of the world.

In the 2023 NCAA Tournament, the Cinderella’s have bested the blue bloods and we ended up with a final four that didn’t include any top three seeds.

And with the title game upon us, I figured what better time, before the Cinderella’s get their shine, to give a little love to the blue bloods and count down the top four SEC basketball teams of all-time.

Ranking the Top 4 SEC Basketball teams of all-time

Now as far as criteria goes, the requirements seemed pretty clear except for the one elephant in the room.

Do you have to win a championship to be on this list?

Well, when I looked back into SEC Basketball history, I wanted to compile a list of teams who were dominant, led by top-tier talent, and had great coaching.

And truth be told, despite being known for their prowess in football, there were plenty of teams to choose from. So, the difference maker was winning a championship.

Sorry 2014-15 Kentucky, that does leave you out.

And I understand that finishing at the top spot in the final AP poll, despite not winning it all, does indicate a certain level of dominance.

But I just couldn’t put them above teams who had stellar resumes while also cutting down the nets in April.

You had a great run, and were full of NBA talent, but you have to finish the job (consider them as number five on this list).

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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