2024 MLB Mock Draft 1.0

Let's take a look at my first 2024 MLB Mock Draft.
Florida v Arkansas Game Two
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The College Baseball season is now over after Tennessee was able to win the College World Series. Now that the season is over, the next big event for these college players is the Major League Draft. There are many great prospects for the draft this year, which makes it very difficult to picture where each prospect will go. Let's take a look at my first 2024 MLB mock draft.

Pick 1 : Cleveland Guardians, Jac Caglianone

The two-way star from the Florida Gators is the first player off the board. This season, Caglianone led the Gators offense with 35 homers and an OPS of 1.419. He also led the teams' pitching staff with a 4.76 earned run average with 83 strikeouts and an opposing batting average of .225.

With the first overall pick, the Guardians could go with anyone here, but Jac Caglianone is the best player in the country.

Pick 2 : Cincinnati Reds, Travis Bazzana

Oregon State's star infielder will be taken with the second overall pick. This season, Bazzana displayed great tools at the plate with 28 home runs, 16 doubles, and 76 walks to his 37 strikeouts. He also had an OPS of 1.479 and stole 16 bases.

Bazzana is an elite hitter at the plate that could also be the first overall pick. Cincinnati would have to take him if he is available at pick number two.

Pick 3 : Colorado Rockies, Charlie Condon

The Golden Spikes Award winner will be taken with pick number three to the Colorado Rockies. This season, Condon led divison one baseball in home runs with 37 and had an outstanding OPS of 1.565. He also added 20 doubles and a .433 batting average.

Condon is another elite hitter in this draft, but will fall to the Rockies with pick three.

Pick 4 : Oakland Athletics, Chase Burns

The right handed star from Wake Forest will likely fall to the Oakland Athletics with pick four. This season, Burns led division one baseball in strikeouts with 191 in just 82.2 innings pitched. He also had an impressive 2.82 earned run average and opponents batted just .169 against him.

Burns is a very talented pitcher, who has the best stuff in this draft. Control is what holds him back, but he is a dominant pitcher.

Pick 5 : Chicago White Sox, Nick Kurtz

Another star from Wake Forsest is who the Chicago White Sox will take with pick five. Kurtz is a big time power hitter and also has a good glove at first base. This season, Kurtz posted a 1.294 OPS with 22 home runs and 57 runs batted in.

Kurtz is a big time bat who had a down year in comparison to 2023, but will still be taken very high.

Pick 6 : Kansas City Royals, Hagen Smith

The SEC Pitcher of the Year will fall to the Kansas City Royals with pick six. Smith had an excellent season with a 2.04 earned run average with a WHIP of .89 and struck out 161 batters.

Smith is the best left handed pitcher in the draft, but will likely fall to the Royals due to the excellent hitters in the draft.

Pick 7 : St. Louis Cardinals, JJ Wetherholt

One of the best hitters in the draft will land with the St. Louis Cardinals at pick seven. Wetherholt battled injuries this year after batting .449 with 42 extra base hits in 2023. This season he perfromed well, but regressed due to his injuries.

Although his batting average fell over .100 points in just one season, Wetherholt still has elite hit tools and will be a sneaky good pick for the Cardinals.

Pick 8 : Los Angeles Angels, Braden Montgomery

A switch hitting power hitter from Texas A&M will head to the Los Angeles Angels at pick eight. Montgomery got hurt during the postseason, but had an impressive regular season. Montgomery had an OPS of 1.187 and hit 27 home runs.

Montgomery fell into a slump during the second half of the season, but he still had an outstanding year. His power is elite as an outfielder.

Pick 9 : Pittsburgh Pirates, Christian Moore

After a great run in the College World Series, Moore proved he is a top 10 prospect and will head to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Moore had an OPS of 1.248 and 34 home runs.

Not many mock drafts have Moore going this high, but his elite bat should get him into the top 10. This is an underrated selection for the Pirates to get.

Pick 10 : Washington Nationals, Trey Yesavage

A big time arm from East Carolina will be selected at pick ten to the Washington Nationals. Yesavage was a consistently reliable arm in his collegiate career. This season, Yesavage posted a 2.03 earned run average with a WHIP of .87 in 93.1 innings pitched and he struck out 145 batters.

This would be a great pickup for the Nationals organization as Yesavage is a trustable arm with lots of collegiate experience.

Pick 11 : Detroit Tigers, Konnor Griffin

The first high school prospect taken off the board will be Konnor Griffin to the Detroit Tigers at pick 11. In high school this season, Griffin batted .559 with a 1.656 OPS and nine home runs.

The Tigers have taken multiple high schoolers over the years, but having Griffin available here is a no brainer pick.

Pick 12 : Boston Red Sox, Bryce Rainer

Another high schooler will be off the board with pick 12 to the Boston Red Sox. Bryce Rainer is a two way prospect and has been great at both, but is looking like. In his senior season, Rainer had a batting average of .505.

The Red Sox would be getting a very good teenager with this pick in the draft. Like Griffin, if he makes it this far, it is a no brainer selection.

Pick 13 : San Fransisco Giants, James Tibbs

With the 13th pick, the San Fransisco Giants will take a big time left handed bat that has a lot of power. This season, Tibbs posted an OPS of 1.245 with 28 home runs and 95 runs batted in. He also had 58 walks and just 37 strikeouts, which is an incredible difference.

Tibbs could go higher, but it looks like he will fall to the Giants. San Fransisco would be fortunate to get Tibbs here as he is a very great bat.

Pick 14 : Chicago Cubs, Cam Caminiti

A high school southpaw will be taken by the Chicago Cubs with the 14th pick. The 17 year old has an impressive four pitch mix with good control for a prep arm. In his senior season, Caminiti went 9-0 with a .93 earned run average and struck out 119 batters.

This is a safe pick that would fit well in the Cubs system. Caminiti is a very special left hander.

Pick 15 : Seattle Mariners, William Schmidt

With the 15th pick, the Seattle Mariners are gonna go after William Schmidt, a high school right hander. Schmidt has an elite curveball (70 grade) along with two other solid pitches. In his senior season, Schmidt went 9-0 with an earned run average of .44 and struck out 102 batters.

The Mariners need to add a young arm to their farm system. Securing Schmidt would be a great choice to do just that.

Pick 16 : Miami Marlins, Cam Smith

The Miami Marlins will take Cam Smith with pick 16 as he fell down the board multiple spots. The Florida State third baseman batted .387 with 16 home runs and drove in 57 runs.

The Marlins are getting a solid hitting prospect with the pick of Smith.

Pick 17 : Milwaukee Brewers, Tommy White

With the 17th pick, the Milwaukee Brewers are gonna get the LSU Tigers star slugger. White started off slow to the season, but proved why he was once a top five draft prospect. White belted 24 home runs along with an OPS of 1.039.

White has 75 collegiate home runs. His defense improved this year, but he fell down in the rankings. The Brewers should take a chance on him with this pick.

Pick 18 : Tampa Bay Rays, Brody Brecht

The Tampa Bay Rays are notorious for developing pitchers in their minor league system, which makes it likely that they will select this star prospect with the 18th pick. Brecht has a 70 graded fastball, which goes to triple digits, and a tough slider. This year with Iowa, Brecht posted a 3.33 earned run average with 128 strikeouts.

Brecht has struggled with control in his career, but with his elite pitching arsenal, the Rays could develop him into a star.

Pick 19 : New York Mets, Ryan Sloan

With pick 19, the New York Mets will look to get Ryan Sloan, a high school right handed pitcher. Sloan has three solid pitches and solid control. His fastball reaches 99 and his changeup generates a lot of chases. He posted a .30 earned run average and struck out 90 batters in his senior season.

A solid selection for the Mets at pick 19. They will secure a solid prep arm.

Pick 20 : Toronto Blue Jays, Vance Honeycutt

Honeycutt had a great postseason run with North Carolina, but ultimately, he will fall to the Toronto Blue Jays at pick 20. The all time leader in homeruns at UNC belted 28 home runs this season with an OPS of 1.124 and stole 28 bases.

Honeycutt has a lot of tools, but consistency at the plate will have him selected around the 20s. Toronto will need to help him cut down the strikeouts to unlock his true potential.

Pick 21 : Minnesota Twins, Jurrangelo Cijntje

The ambidextrous star for Mississippi State will fall to the Minnesota Twins with the 21st pick. Cijntje is excellent as a right hander, but he also can get it done with his left arm too. This season, Cijntje posted a 3.67 earned run average in 90.2 innings pitched and struck out 113 batters.

This would be a steal for the Twins with pick 21. Any ambidextrous arm with potential would be a target for most teams. He falls to 21 with his struggles in control and lack of pitches from each arm. Nonetheless, one of the most exciting prospects in the draft.

Pick 22 : Baltimore Orioles, Carson Benge

The Baltimore Orioles will select Carson Benge from Oklahoma State with pick number 22. Benge was a two way in college, but it appears he is scouted as an outfielder. This season, Benge .335 with 18 homers, 24 doubles, and two triples. Those are excellent extra base numbers to go along with 49 walks.

Benge has a very good bat at the plate, which will make this a great selection for Baltimore.

Pick 23 : Los Angeles Dodgers, Seaver King

The Los Angeles Dodgers will select Seaver King with the 23rd overall pick. King fell in the draft after struggling this season with a .316 batting average and 14 home runs. Not bad, but regressed from his incredible two years at Wingate.

King is very talented, but will fall to the Dodgers at pick 23.

Pick 24 : Atlanta Braves, Ryan Waldschmidt

One of the most underrated bats in the draft is Ryan Waldschmidt and he will fall to the Atlanta Braves. After this season, Waldschmidt moved up a lot in the draft rankings, which will land him at pick 24. Waldschmidt posted a 1.079 OPS with 14 home runs and 17 doubles.

This wil be a sneaky good selection for Atlanta with pick 24. He is a very underrated bat in this years draft.

Pick 25 : San Diego Padres, Kellon Lindsey

With pick number 25, the San Diego Padres will select high school speedster, Kellon Lindsey. He has a 75 graded run tool, which is among the best in the draft. Lindsey had a .403 batting average with 28 stolen bases in his senior season.

His speed and solid bat will have him selected in the first round. A solid selection for San Diego.

Pick 26 : New York Yankees, Walker Janek

The New York Yankees will select the top catcher in this years draft with Walker Janek. With Sam Houston this season, Janek batted .368 with 17 home runs and an OPS of 1.174. He also has an elite arm, which helped him win the Buster Posey award.

The Yankees should go with Janek as he has a good bat and is good behind the plate.

Pick 27 : Philadelphia Phillies, Jonathan Santucci

The Philadelphia Phillies' first round pick will be Jonathan Santucci, a left handed pitcher from Duke. Santucci has three solid pitches, but still lacks great control. He posted a 3.41 earned run average in 58 innings pitched, allowing opponents to bat just .188 against him.

Santucci is a very solid southpaw, but he needs to develop control. He is a very good pitching prospect that the Phillies must take.

Pick 28 : Houston Astros, Billy Amick

The Houston Astros need to add hitting to their farm system and Billy Amick will help add that at pick 28. Amick had an OPS of 1.026 with 23 home runs and 65 runs batted in. He strikes out a decent amount, but he has an elite bat.

Amick should be available here for Houston, which will leave them no choice, but to select the Volunteers star third baseman.

Pick 29 : Arizona Diamondbacks, Kash Mayfield

With the 29th pick, the Arizona Diamondbacks will select Kash Mayfield, a very good left handed pitcher out of high school. Mayfield posted a .16 earned run average and struck out 115 batters. He allowed just four hits and eight walks in 44 innings of work.

Mayfield was elite in college, will be a great addition to the Arizona minor league system.

Pick 30 : Texas Rangers, Dakota Jordan

With the final pick in the first round, the Texas Rangers will select the Mississippi State star outfielder, Dakota Jordan. He brings 60 graded power and speed to the field, which is very good. Jordan had an OPS of 1.130 with 20 home runs and 72 runs batted in.

Jordan is a solid prospect, but is raw. He is a draft eligble sophomore, but is still extremely good, despite the lack of college at bats.

Let's see how it unfolds on July 14th!