2024 NFL Draft: Georgia Bulldogs Draft Predictions

Check out these early predictions on where Georgia Bulldogs will be drafted in the 2024 NFL Draft.
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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While it might be the record setting draft performance that Georgia has seen in the 2022 and 2023 editions, Georgia will see numerous players selected in next month's NFL draft.

I expect Georgia to have either 10 or 11 players picked, and they could have up to four 1st round selections.

Here are my early projections of where Georgia's players will get picked, just under 8 weeks away from the draft.

TE Brock Bowers - top 15 pick

Talent-wise, Brock Bowers should easily be a top 10 (if not top 5) pick however, position value could push him down into the teens.

With three QB's expected to go with picks 1-3 (barring the Patriots shaking things up by taking Marvin Harrison Jr. at 3), up to three other QB's going in the 1st round, and several elite Wide Receivers and Offensive Tackles it could push Bowers down.

However, if that is the case, then some team in the teens will be ecstatic. He is elite after the catch, has great speed, is sure-handed, and is a capable blocker. He just always finds a way to get open, and then he's a home-run threat once he has the ball in his hands.

Bowers had 175 catches, 2,538 receiving yards, 193 rushing yards, and 31 total TD's in his three year career in Athens. He went for 56 catches, 714 yards, and 7 total TD's in 10 games this past year. Again, I would pick Bowers in the top 10, but need and value could push him down a hair, but I would be VERY shocked if he falls into the back-half of the 1st round.