Best Paul Finebaum Show Alabama-Auburn Calls

The intense Iron Bowl rivalry doesn't just stop on the field, but has fans bantering back and forth throughout the year. This article goes into some of the most famous calls and callers that have called into the Finebaum Show.
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The state of Alabama has no professional sports teams. This heightens even more-so the never ending tension between in the in state rival Auburn Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide.

The two play annually each year in the Iron Bowl on Thanksgiving weekend for bragging rights that last 365 days within the state amongst friends and family.

The game has also had an impact historically many years on deciding who goes to the college football playoffs, and may go on to win the national championship.

With rivalry comes passion. And the Paul Finebaum Show on the SEC Network profiles some of this passion allowing fans to call in with questions, or to vent on a topic of their choice.

The show over the years has had some legendary callers and moments such as the late Tammy from Calton and Phyllis from Mulga that will be remembered forever.

In this article some of the top calls from the Finebaum show are profiled