College Athletics: The Future of Storming the Field

Recent incidents with Duke basketball, as well as Iowa basketball start Caitlin Clark have heightened safety alarms amongst the college sports landscape bringing into question whether or not fans should be allowed to keep storming the playing surface to celebrate a win.
Alabama v LSU
Alabama v LSU / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages
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Storming the field in football or the court in basketball is one of the longstanding traditions in all of college sports beyond the SEC. The rush of school colors whether it be Ole Miss Powder Blue, Tennessee Orange or Purple and gold from LSU is one of the most soothing, yet climactic moments every time a teams fans do decide to rush the playing surface.

One of the most known field storming’s of all-time would inarguably be after the 2013 Iron Bowl when the Auburn Tigers defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide in the game known as the “kick six” on a game-winning touchdown by Chris Davis returned 109 yards.

With recent incidents over the past several years that have happened between players and fans on the playing surface, do not expect this tradition to last much longer as concerns over player and fan safety are becoming more and more of a conversation.

A few of the largest examples are expanded upon in this article: