Comical Social Media Posts about John Calipari

At the moment, John Calipari is the head basketball coach for the Kentucky Wildcats. That could quickly be changing however as rumors are widespread about Calipari taking the same position with the Arkansas Razorbacks. Social media has been trending today with both serious and funny posts about the Calipari situation. In this article, I share some of the funniest posts from the last 24 hours. Enjoy!
Tyson To Close Four Plants As Chicken Sales Weaken
Tyson To Close Four Plants As Chicken Sales Weaken / Anna Moneymaker/GettyImages

John Calipari presumably leaving the Kentucky Wildcats after 15 seasons could actually be a good thing for all parties involved.

With a big time job like Kentucky being vacated, there is inevitably already speculation on who should replace Calipari if he does indeed depart for the job with the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Regardless of what happens, whether or not Calipari leaves Kentucky and who replaced him, Wildcat fans are making their voices known on social media.

Here are some of the Funniest Social Media Posts from College Basketball Fans on Coach Calipari Potentially Leaving to Coach the Arkansas Razorbacks

Tennessee Fans Hoping for the Worst

A great follow on X (Formerly known as Twitter), @vol_equalizer gave a comical list of names trolling the rival Wildcats with some names that’ll definitely make you laugh in the tweet linked above.

And another Tennessee fan chimed in with Donnie Tyndall and Jerry Stackhouse, who are two other coaches that have not done so great recently at the collegiate level.

The Predicted Statement from John Calipari

When he arrived in Lexington 15 years ago, Calipari mentioned that he did not plan on leaving Memphis to take the job with the Wildcats. @rarerookies tweeted the exact clip from the introductory press conference when Calipari said these remarks, trolling predicting he would say them again. The funny thing is the account is probably not too far off.

John Calipari’s Trolling Stroller Troller

A tweet with Calipari walking his dog in a stroller this morning has gone viral after he told the reporter he declined to comment when asked a question. Off of this, @bunkieperkins on X (Formerly known as Twitter) replied with a comical tweet about Tysons chicken.

If you know the backstory, Calipari apparently has strong ties with the Tyson Foods family which is headquartered in northwest Arkansas not far from Fayetteville.

Funny List of Names

I made a post from my X (Formerly known as Twitter) account asking who folks think Kentucky’s next head coach should be presuming that John Calipari leaves, and the list of names trolling who should be Kentucky’s head coach were quite comical, so I wanted to share the replies in the link above.

Some of the funnier replies are coaching names like Eric Musselman, Dawn Staley, Chad Morris, Juwan Howard and others.

In the same post, some intriguing names surfaced as well. They are Mike Krzyzewski, Rick Pitino and Kelvin Sampson.