Could Eric Musselman be the Next Head Coach of the Kentucky Wildcats?

It is highly unlikely, but a possibility that Eric Musselman becomes the next coach of the Kentucky Wildcats. This would complete a circle of coaching changes in the SEC this off-season that would essentially make it a coaching swap between the Arkansas Razorbacks and Kentucky Wildcats. I explain how this would all work in this article.
Georgia v Kentucky
Georgia v Kentucky / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The SEC basketball head coaching domino effect began with Eric Musselan, and could it possibly end with him too?

While much speculation has been made about who will replace John Calipari at Kentucky, social media mentions have been made about former Arkansas basketball coach Eric Musselman taking the throne to replace Calipari in Lexington.

Do I think this will happen? No, but it is intriguing to think about.

Here are the Layers of Intrigue to Eric Musselman Replacing John Calipari in Lexington

Eric Musselman Leaves Arkansas for USC

This video by Arkansas athletic director, Hunter Yurachek may have been the final straw that led the Musselman leaving for USC which left the job in Fayetteville open.

John Calipari Leaves Kentucky for Arkansas

John Calipari took the job with the Arkansas Razorbacks about a week after Musselman exited. From his X (Formerly known as Twitter) account, Calipari posted a message to Kentucky fans stating, “we’ve come to realize the program (Kentucky) needs another voice.”

The Vacancy at Kentucky could Appeal to Musselman

If the third domino of these three falls and Musselman actually ends up in Lexington, this may be one of the wildest off seasons not only in SEC basketball history, but college basketball history as the two schools would have essentially done a coaching swap.

While names like Nate Oats, Bruce Pearl, Bryce Drew and Danny Hurley have surfaced as front runners for the Kentucky job, it is possible that all pass it up for one reason or another.

One top candidate, Nate Oats of the Alabama Crimson Tide recently came out and pledged his allegiance to the Tide.

Again, I do not think this will happen, but if Kentucky happens to miss on its first few options in addition to Oats, do not think this is out of the realm of possibility.