EA Sports College Football 25: Ranking Best Features

Video game critics are always analyzing their thoughts on the pro's and con's of each game. With the last NCAA video game being created more than 10 years ago, EA sports announced that it will be returning with a 2024 version. We go into some of the best features announced to be in the game by EA sports.
EA Sports announces the return of the college football video game in 2024.
EA Sports announces the return of the college football video game in 2024. / Justin Sullivan/GettyImages
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EA Sports College Football 25. That is the name of the game that many video game and college football fans have been craving for, for over a decade now since the game was last created in 2013 with the NCAA Football 14 iteration.

The college football video game series began in 1993 with the Bill Walsh College Football game. Electronic Arts (EA Sports) purchased the licensing rights and released its first version of NCAA Football 1998 in 1997.

The game started with simplicity as the only mode was head-to-head. By 2014, dynasty mode and the ability to recruit were two key features added to the game that had college football fans coming back every year to buy the game before the production came to an abrupt halt in 2014 amid lawsuits over players’ likeness without compensation.

Fast forward 10 years and that issue has now been resolved. With the emergence of NIL, this is arguably one way that it is changing college football for the better. NIL is now allowing for players to be paid, therefore making the video game suddenly a possibility again.

With the game expected to be released this summer, here are some key features that will be included in the game.