FanDuel Win Totals for each SEC Football Team: Over or Under

If you are a betting person, whether you should be over or under is something you can start to think about for the 2024 season as FanDuel has released their projected win-loss totals for each SEC team. I give my thoughts on each.

Samford v Florida
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Each week as a fan you have the opportunity to bet on individual games as they arise. The odds however may not be as good as you would be able to get pre-season on a teams win-loss total for the upcoming year if you have confidence in it.

FanDuel  recently released the projected win totals for each SEC football team for the 2024 season. With the Texas Longhorns and Georgia Bulldogs having the highest at 10.5 each and Vanderbilt having the lowest at 2.5, there are betting options on all of these and anything in between.

Here are some thoughts on whether to take the over or under on each SEC teams win total for the 2024 season:

Georgia (10.5) -  Take the over here on a Bulldogs team that has gone undefeated in regular season play the last three years. The Bulldogs also return starting quarterback, Carson Beck and bring in Florida Gators transfer running back, Trevor Etienne.