FanDuel Win Totals for each SEC Football Team: Over or Under

If you are a betting person, whether you should be over or under is something you can start to think about for the 2024 season as FanDuel has released their projected win-loss totals for each SEC team. I give my thoughts on each.
Samford v Florida
Samford v Florida / James Gilbert/GettyImages
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Arkansas (5.5) – Under, under and more under. Despite the return of Arkansas head coaching legend Bobby Petrino as offensive coordinator, the Hogs have not done much elsewhere. So do not expect the Petrino hire to make that much of a difference in one season.

The Hogs went 9-4 in 2021 which is their best season under head coach Sam Pittman who was retained despite an embarrassing 48-14 loss to rival Missouri to end the season. The Hogs went 7-6 in 2022 and digressed further in 2023 going 4-8.