FanDuel Win Totals for each SEC Football Team: Over or Under

If you are a betting person, whether you should be over or under is something you can start to think about for the 2024 season as FanDuel has released their projected win-loss totals for each SEC team. I give my thoughts on each.
Samford v Florida
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Alabama (9.5) – Crimson Tide fans may be disappointed here, but take the under confidently. The tumultuous off season in Tuscaloosa is difficult to overcome regardless of who the coach is. Coordinator turnover on both sides of the ball, a mass transfer portal exodus and a head coaching change make a 10 win season a very tall task in year one regardless of who the new coach is.

Deboer may get things turned back in the right direction in Tuscaloosa, but do not expect it to be in year one.