Florida State Hints at Whether they will be Joining the Big Ten or SEC

Florida State Athletic Director Michael Alford hinted this past week that he would be "spending alot more time in the Windy City this summer" when speaking with Florida State boosters. We all know that this is in Big Ten country. So was this a hint to say that the Seminoles will be joining the Big Ten? I explore what the future of the Seminoles could look like based on this comment and other happenings beyond.
Apr 20, 2024; Tallahassee, Florida, USA; Florida State Seminoles helmet during the Spring Showcase
Apr 20, 2024; Tallahassee, Florida, USA; Florida State Seminoles helmet during the Spring Showcase / Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State football is in the midst of negotiations with the ACC to exit the conference all together. With it seemingly not being a matter of it but when before the Seminoles leave the ACC, the question has now become where they will land.

Will Florida State End Up in the SEC or the Big Ten?

While regionally the SEC makes a ton of sense for Florida State, comments made in the last several months by SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey lend one to believe that the Seminoles and any other ACC teams looking to join the conference would be a tall task.

Last August, Sankey told Paul Finebaum on The Paul Finebaum Show, “we’re very clear that there’s not something out there we should be reaching for.”

With the SEC seemingly not highly interested in adding any more teams, a move to the Big Ten would make sense. And considering the conference is not hyper focused on regionality having brought in Oregon and USC from the west coast, this makes it even more of a possibility compared to the SEC.

While football is always top of mind, Florida State Seminoles softball as well as other athletic teams have been elite for awhile now and will also be an intriguing follow depending where the Seminoles end up.

Are there any other Schools Besides Florida State that could Leave the ACC?

Like Florida State, the Clemson Tigers are in a lawsuit of their own against the ACC to try to exit the conference early as well. While separate from that of Florida State, the Tigers are a team the last several seasons whose program has exploded under head coach Dabo Swinney.

So while they may not be married to Florida State as far as where they end up after the ACC, look for the Tigers to possibly end up in the SEC, Big Ten or somewhere else as well.

How Soon will we Know if Florida State is Joining the Big Ten?

Florida State Athletic Director Michael Alford may have dropped a hint not so subtly this past week telling Seminole boosters that he “expects to be in the Windy City much more starting this summer” according to Todd Helmick of Nationalchamps.net.

If this is the case, it only makes sense connecting all the dots that the future landing spot for the Seminoles is most likely the Big Ten and not the SEC.