Former SEC Players to Watch in the UFL

The UFL is a newly formed professional spring football league which kicks off its season on Saturday, March 30th. The UFL is a merge of the XFL and USFL and will showcase some top SEC talent of years past. In this article, we spotlight some names that you may see as familiar when they take the field for their respective clubs under one week from today.
Alabama v Auburn
Alabama v Auburn / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Many remember the XFL back in the days of the famous, Rod Smart who took the league by storm under the nickname, “He Hate Me.” The XFL has a resurgence last year along with a new league that has recently emerged, the USFL.

Those two leagues have now combined for the 2024 season which kicks off on Saturday, March 30th and will air games on ESPN, ESPN2, Fox and FS1.

With the NFL season ending in February and Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs taking another championship, many are starving already just a few months later for more football.

With the merge of the two leagues, the talent level inevitably will be raised as there will only be eight teams in the new UFL, whereas last season in the two leagues combined there was a total of 16 teams.

With the increase in talent, there may be some more recognizable names to fans in 2024 in the UFL.

Here are some SEC players to Watch for this Season in the UFL

Arlington Renegades

Chris Owens (Alabama Crimson Tide) – The former offensive lineman of the Crimson Tide will play guard for the Renegades in 2024. Owens redshirted for the Tide in 2016 and then player four seasons before a brief stint in the NFL.