Home Run Beer Shower: An Ole Miss Baseball Tradition

Ole Miss students douse the right field bleachers in alcohol throwing their cups up to the sky in celebration every time the Rebels hit a home run.
Mississippi v LSU
Mississippi v LSU / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Throwing your beer up in the air is the norm during a baseball game in Oxford, Mississippi. The home of the Ole Miss Rebels, Swayze Field boasts some of the most raucous fans in all of college sports.

While baseball typically does not have the same energy as college football, do not tell a Rebels fan that during baseball season. You will see the right field bleachers lined with students in powder blue and red awaiting the next home run to celebrate.

And they do not just celebrate it- they do so by throwing whatever drink they have in their hand into the air in celebration – known to locals as the “Swayze shower.” And let us be honest- it is probably alcohol as this fan base has never lost a party.

Fans are even allowed to bring their own coolers in on game day with some opting to camp out the night before. This has the area turning into a part in no time as soon as the game starts.

Rebel nation is so enthusiastic they even bring the tradition on the road when cheering on the ball club.

On top of this, rebel players have a synchronized dance in the dugout during each game, along with the center fielder throwing the ball to a fan to guard in each inning of the game.

Despite other traditions however, the “Swayze shower” remains the most popular and has picked up steam over the years.

According to www.redcuprebellion.com's Jeff Gray, former Ole Miss player Sikes Orvis was the cause of 1,298 gallons of beer showers during his time at Ole Miss.

If you get a chance, be sure to make it to Oxford to experience the tradition in person. If not, make sure to tune in on television whenever the Rebels are on to watch the party ensue.