How the NIL, Recruiting and Transfer Portal have Changed College Football

The NIL, transfer portal and recruiting cycle have all altered the college football landscape substantially in the last few years. Coaches are leaving, fans are uneasy and even those remaining in seat are restless.

Ole Miss v Georgia
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Coaching Changes – The trend of the early signing period, transfer portal and NIL have all had an impact on coaches. Recently, Chip Kelly, Sean Elliott, Jeff Hafley and Kane Womack have all left their head coaching positions for lesser roles, with Kelly, Elliott and Hafley all taking pay cuts.

The signing period means that coaches have to focus on recruiting while they are trying to prepare for bowl games. And this will get even worse beginning in 2024 as the college football playoff expands to 12 teams, making more coaches have to put emphasis on bowl games that have relevance.

And while recruiting for the upcoming early signing period in December and preparing for a bowl games, coaches are also having to recruit out of the transfer portal, as well as try to keep their current roster as intact as possible with players having the right to transfer at their leisure.

On top of all of this, coaches also have to deal with politicking with boosters and fans to try to raise money for their NIL collectives, as none of the funds are allowed to come directly from the university.

All of these aspects have zero to do with coaching and developing. And at the end of the day, that is why coaches are coaches.

This is undoubtedly the four coaches mentioned left their posts for less money and less responsibility. They are no longer thrust into the additional duties and can stick more just to coaching.

The NCAA does have the power to change policies and procedures which coaches and athletic directors throughout the country are calling for. And the allure of the sports is no more dependent on some much needed changes heading into the 2024 season.

Many have the mindset of Georgia Bulldogs fan Rick Patton who states that if changes aren't made, "It will no longer be college football, it will be semi pro football."

The less the NCAA does and the longer they wait, the more of a detriment it is to the sports by way of not only coaches, but fans as well.