Q&A With South Carolina Pitcher: Roman Kimball

I had the pleasure to ask South Carolina pitcher, Roman Kimball, a few questions. Read about our conversation below!

Jun 19, 2022; Omaha, NE, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish pitcher Roman Kimball (26) pitches against
Jun 19, 2022; Omaha, NE, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish pitcher Roman Kimball (26) pitches against / Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Roman Kimball is a right handed pitcher from the University of South Carolina who recently underwent Tommy John Surgery. Yesterday, he made his return to college baseball after a long recovery process.

Kimball started his collegiate career at the University of Notre Dame. During his freshman season, Kimball went 4-0 while posting a 5.76 earned run average in 25 innings pitched with 32 strikeouts.

After that freshman season, Kimball transferred to the University of South Carolina. He recieved bad news shortly after arriving to South Carolina which was that he was going to need to get treatment for a torn Ulnar Collateral Ligament.

He missed his entire sophomore season and made his first appearance yesterday against the University of Miami Ohio. In his first appearance since 2022, he managed to earn himself a spot in the South Carolina history books as the Gamecocks throw a combined no-hitter.

This is the eighth no-hitter in school history so I asked Roman, "how does it feel to be apart of history as the starting pitcher for a combined no-hitter?"

Roman said, "Man it's so awesome, to be able to be apart of that in my first game back is something I will remember forever. We did a great job as a staff today, just attacking their hitters and letting our stuff play in the zone and it showed in the box score. Just a great team win and for the offense to explode the way they did and the pitchers to do their job the way they did was something special."

The Gamecocks fired off all cyclinders yesterday in their 14-0 victory over Miami of Ohio.

The next question I asked was, "what was the recovery like returning from Tommy John Surgery?"

"It was super rigorous and very montonous, but I knew going in that it took a lot of hard work and dedication to get back to being 100%," Roman stated. "Lot's of long days in the training room and working with people on our staff to make sure I was doing everything correctly."

Tommy John Surgery is a long surgery to recover from as it repairs the ligament in your elbow that allows you to throw hard. The process of the operation is to take another ligament from your body and put it into your elbow. The recovery time often takes around 12 to 18 months until players can return to full game participation.

I then asked, "how did you get your start in baseball?"

Roman said, "I started when I was really young, out in the backyard. I was hitting with my parents out back and throwing the rock around, and right from there, I fell in love."

Playing in the backyard was the roots to his baseball career. I also asked, "who was the most influential person in your athletic career."

Roman said, "Tough to say man, I'd say my parents have always been my biggest supporters and influence for my. They have been with me through every step of the way."

My next question was, "what is your favorite memory from baseball."

Roman said, "I would say before today, Omaha, but today was so special man. It was crazy to be able to have a no hitter in my Gamecock debut."

Kimball got to be apart of the 2022 College World Series with Notre Dame. The Irish lost to the eventual runner ups, Oklahoma, early in Omaha.

Following his favorite baseball memory, I asked, "is there a professional baseball player you model your game after?"

Roman said, "Not really, I mean I feel like intensity wise I have some similar traits to Stroman and stuff wise I feel like it's similar to Bauer, but I feel like I'm sort of my own unique player."

In his first outing since 2022, Kimball struck out five batters in two innings. He displayed a ton of energy on the mound that will be huge for the Gamecocks this season.

The choice to transfer to South Carolina was a big one for Kimball. I then asked, "what was the deciding factor when committing to the Univeristy of South Carolina?"

Roman said, "Being down there for my senior year and going to a few games and seeing the atmosphere and the fans and everything about that place, that was what I was expecting college baseball to be. It was a no brainer that was where I wanted to be."

Those are big factors when deciding where you are going to live and compete. Next I asked, what do you enjoy most about being a Gamecock?"

Roman said, "Everything man. There is no better place in the world. Being a part of this team and this program is truly a blessing and honor and I'm glad to call it my home."

The South Carolina Gamecocks are ranked 21st in the country according to D1Baseballs week one rankings. My last question was, "is there anything you would like to say to Gamecock nation as the season is officially starting up?"

Roman said, "stay tuned, we've got the players, the team, and the talent to bring some hardware back to Columbia. I'm excited to get the season rolling and to be out there with my brothers this season!"

I really appreciate Roman Kimball for going out of his way to answer some of my questions. Keep an eye out for the Gamecocks this season and for Roman to have a big season.