Lane Kiffin owns social media when it comes to recruiting and transfer hilarity

Ole Miss v Auburn
Ole Miss v Auburn / Michael Chang/GettyImages

Lane Kiffin is going into his fifth season at Ole Miss as head coach of the Rebels. Hardly second to his known success as a head coach which has the Rebels as a playoff contender heading into the 2024 season is Kiffin’s posts on X (formerly Twitter).

Not only on television does Kiffin have some entertaining comments, but he's well-known for his outlandish, but playful tweets that some view as controversial, but most view as comical.

Most coaches keep social media very status quo tweeting solely about recruits that have committed, positive things about their own programs and other things of the sort. These are all things you would think all coaches stick to, with the intention of serving as a model for their players on how to act both online and in life. Kiffin finds a way to take it a little further, yet still remaining respectful for the most part.

Here are some of Lane Kiffin's most memoralble recruiting and transfer portal posts on X (formerly Twitter)

Catch and Release: Now former Ole Miss running back Quinshon Judkins surprisingly entered the transfer portal this past season, after leading the SEC in his freshman season and rushing for over 1,300 yards in his sophomore season.

Kiffin tweeted the words “catch and release” with a photo of someone who appears to be catching and releasing a shark.

No other context was given, but fans interpreted this as Kiffin having hope; players are expendable and the decision has to make sense for both sides. In this case, it did not, so the “fish” which was Judkins in this case needed to be released.

Jeff Lebby’s Socks: Jeff Lebby is the former offensive coordinator under Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss, before leaving Kiffin for the same position at Oklahoma University, and now taking the head coaching job at in-state rival Mississippi State.

Back in 2020, Lebby tweeted out a photo of some Ole Miss socks from the sock manufacturer, DeadSoxy. At that time, Lebby was the offensive coordinator under Kiffin at Ole Miss.

Kiffin retweeted the photo back in November 2023 right after Lebby took the job at the rival Bulldogs as a playful way to insinuate that Lebby supported the Rebels, and not the Bulldogs.

“X” users of course had a frenzy over the playful jab. The seriousness of the on-going banter between Kiffin and Lebby is unknown, but I provide some more context on it in my article here.

Citrus Bowl Troll The Rebels had their bowl game against the Penn State Nittany Lions in the Citrus Bowl to cap off the 2023 season a few weeks ago, and won the contest 38-25 while seemingly controlling the contest the whole time.

The post-game banter continued for a few weeks after but seemingly died down. Kiffin appears to be attempting to keep it alive retweeting a picture of a dejected looking Penn State fan just a few days ago

Kiffin in Starkvegas? - Back on January 25th, Kiffin posted a photo of a waiting room at what appeared to be a facility of rival, Mississippi State.

As usual, Kiffin provided no context in addition to the photo, leaving X'ers to come up with their own theory on what the photo means.

While typically playful to his core, I'm sure this tweet from Kiffin was exactly that, but still comical and gets the audience going.

The tweets from Kiffin are endless. Typically, you will see at least one comical tweet per week. So if in need of some off-season entertainment, follow Kiffin on “X” @lane_kiffin .