2024 NFL Fantasy Football Steals from SEC

The top fantasy football value picks out of the SEC are analyzed for the 2024 rookie class.
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A lot has to shake out still with as far as who will get drafted, signed to free agent contracts and other factors when it comes to the NFL season in 2024.

With Fantasy football leagues an annual affair for many, its never too early to start thinking about a projected roster or steal for the upcoming season.

As a college football fan, you can easily get one over on some of your competitors that may not be aware of certain college players until they have a good few weeks in the NFL simply because they are not in tune with the college game.

An example from 2023’s draft class out of the SEC would be running back De’Von Achane who was drafted in the third round by the Miami Dolphins out of Texas A&M. Or how about 2022 draft class fifth round running back selection Dameon Pierce who was drafted by the Houston Texans out of the University of Florida?

Both of these players went on to have rookie seasons that well over projected their outcomes. Many factors come into play and as mentioned, these are undetermined as of right now for the most part. As players do not even know where they are going to be playing yet, this may seem thinking too far ahead. And depending on the situation they fall into, it may be.

Regardless, here is a list of names to at least keep your eyes on for potential mid to late round steals in your fantasy draft that could pay dividends and lead you to the championship in 2024