Potential Replacements for John Calipari at Kentucky

While John Calipari has been announced to return as head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats in 2025, his future is still in question as he is undoubtedly on the hot seat at a school that has higher expectations than first round NCAA Tournament exits. Speculating the eventual exit of Calipari in Lexington, I theorize on some potential coaching replacements to take the throne after the departure.
Ohio State v Gonzaga
Ohio State v Gonzaga / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Mark Few (Gonzaga)

716-143. That is Mark Few’s record in his 22 years as the head coach of the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Few has made the NCAA Tournament every year since he took over in 2000, including two final four appearances.

This is a tricky one however, because despite the high seeds, big time recruits and outstanding regular seasons, the Bulldogs seem to fall well short of expectations more often than not come tournament time. And this is what the Wildcats are trying to get away from.

The counter is that 716-143 record as a head coach. If Few can do that at a school like Gonzaga, it is no wonder what he would be able to do at Kentucky. It would be even easier to recruit, prepare his teams against better competition and several other factors that could make him a prime candidate for the job.