Predicting the "Shohei Ohtanis" of the 2024 SEC Football Season

Which players and topics will constantly make the headlines
Los Angeles Dodgers Introduce Shohei Ohtani
Los Angeles Dodgers Introduce Shohei Ohtani / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages
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5. The Nussmeier Family Tree

LSU's expected starting Quarterback for this year is one Garrett Nussmeier. The 22-year old has appeared in 18 games during his Tiger tenure and has shown promise. This promise is not surprising when you learn that his father, Doug Nussmeier, is a long time QB coach who has coached at Alabama, Michigan, and in the NFL for the Cowboys, Chargers, and now the Eagles.

This will probably be mentioned every broadcast when Garrett is introduced as the starter, and don't be surprised if this fact is a staple on his graphic; right below his year, season stats, and height and weight. I can already hear the commentators now saying "I bet even his father Doug is impressed with that throw" after a well-placed ball.

With just over four months until the start of the college football season, we will soon see which players and topics garner the most attention.