Ranking each SEC school as combined football and baseball programs

The SEC, as usual, enjoyed a lot of success on the gridiron and the baseball diamond in 2023 and 2024.
2024 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship
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11. Mississippi State - 11 points
3 points football, 8 points baseball

Calling the 2023 Mississippi State football season unremarkable would be an over exaggeration in the positive as the team enjoyed only one conference victory. That's one victory for every four times the letter S appears in the word Mississippi. This result earned them the third fewest points for football in the conference.

The baseball team was much more successful by finishing fifth in the conference and receiving a bid to the postseason. The team would fall to Virginia in the Charlottesville Regional after many Bulldogs fans argued the team should have hosted their own regional.

10. Arkansas - 12 points
2 points football, 10 points baseball

Much has been made about the lack of success from the Razorbacks football team over the last few seasons. Mama said if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all. So I'll just end this section with that.

I do, however, have nice things to say about the baseball team that finished with a 20-10 conference record this season. That mark was good for third best overall in the conference, but the baseball Razorbacks were knocked to fifth in this rankings for their failure to make it out of their own regional. Even still, their entire season consisted of an overall impressive body of work.

9. Florida - 14 points
5 points football, 9 points baseball

The Florida defense gave up a long TD on their first play of the season. Things technically improved from there, since it probably couldn't have gotten much worse, but the improvements were not drastic as the Gators finished at 5-7 and failed to make a bowl game. Billy Napier now finds himself comfortably on the hot seat ahead of this season.

The Gator baseball team received a bid to the postseason with a 13-17 conference record and made the most of their opportunity, advancing all the way to Omaha and the CWS. Their impressive run in the postseason jolted them up these rankings, but their entire body of work is what keeps them out of the top 5.

Florida does, however, rank third in this list amongst schools with 14 points due to by disdain for the program as a whole. As Frank Sinatra once said, "That's life."