Ranking the Top SEC Coaches of Women's College Basketball

Kim Mulkey is probably the first name that comes to mind. But it may not be the only one for much longer as SEC Women's Basketball has come a long way as a conference since the days of Pat Summitt where it was her and everyone else. In this article, I identify some of the top coaches in the SEC for the women and explore their backgrounds.
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Yolette McPhee-McCuin, Ole Miss

McPhee-McCuin is probably the least known of the three mentioned, but may be the one you want to pay the most attention to. Also known as “Coach Yo,” McPhee-McCuin has turned around an Ole Miss Rebels program that until 2022 had seen only three NCAA Tournament appearance since 1997, with the last one being in 2007.

McPhee-McCuin stopped the drought in 2022 and has not stopped since. This season marked the third consecutive year that the Rebels made the NCAA Tournament under McCuin.

In her first two seasons, McPhee-McCuin’s squads went a combined 16-45. In her third year; 15-12. And since 2022, the squad has gone a combined 72-27.

This is not a fluke either as before her time at Ole Miss, McPhee-McCuin was turning around a program at Jacksonville University which saw a team in year one go 13-17, and 24-9 by her last season in 2018 before taking the job in Oxford.

Beyond these three, other rising names as well are Kenny Brooks at Kentucky and Vic Schaefer at Texas who will be joining this league in 2025.

This combined with the SEC paying its women’s coaches some of the top salaries in the sport, watch for the SEC to further assert its dominance for years to come.