SEC Basketball: Initial Women's Power Rankings after a fun first week

Power ranking the SEC women's basketball teams after the first week of play
South Carolina v East Carolina
South Carolina v East Carolina / Lance King/GettyImages
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How do the SEC women's basketball teams stack up? Here is our first set of power rankings for the season.

14. Kentucky Wildcats 8-8 (1-1)

These bottom three teams could probably go either way, but Kentucky has the worse record so they end up in 14th here. Their worst loss came against an Austin Peay team floating around .500 and they almost got beat late against a really bad Tennessee Tech team earlier this season.

This team is extremely upperclassmen-heavy, so it's not like there is some sort of learning curve like there would be for a younger team. They are just bad. Their win against Arkansas this week was certainly unexpected, and I wouldn't be surprised if they lost out the rest of the way.

This week the Wildcats face 15-1 Vanderbilt at home and 14-0, first overall South Carolina on the road.

13. Missouri Tigers 9-6 (0-2)

Missouri got played a bad hand this week, going up against two of the better teams in the conference in LSU and Alabama. The Tigers already had a few bad performances including an early loss against a now 5-10 Saint Louis and a 1-point win over an awful Tennessee Tech team. They have a few good players, but I don't think there is anything that is going to elevate this team through conference play.

This week the Tigers face 14-0, first overall South Carolina at home and 15-1 Vanderbilt on the road.