SEC Basketball: Initial Women's Power Rankings after a fun first week

Power ranking the SEC women's basketball teams after the first week of play
South Carolina v East Carolina
South Carolina v East Carolina / Lance King/GettyImages
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12. Auburn Tigers 11-4 (0-2)

Aside from a good but recently struggling Washington State, Auburn does not really have a quality win this year. They also only have one player average over 10 points per game, and foul more than any other team but Florida, with whom they are in an almost separate class of their own in terms of foul rate. They are a messy team with arguably the worst 3-point ability in the conference. They may be worse than Kentucky and Missouri, but they stacked wins against bad teams in out-of-conference play so I am still waiting to be sure.

This week the Tigers face 11-4 Ole Miss on the road and 15-1, seventh overall LSU at home.

11. Florida Gators 9-5 (0-2)

I got to see a lot of this team this week, and my takeaway is that the team is super tall and athletic, but they may not be all that great when they can't out-athlete teams. With the injury to Kyle in the Vandy game potentially being serious, I think this team has lost one of its biggest advantages and I don't see them being as competitive as they may have otherwise been.

This week the Gators face 9-5 Tennessee on the road and 10-5 Georgia at home.