SEC Basketball: Initial Women's Power Rankings after a fun first week

Power ranking the SEC women's basketball teams after the first week of play
South Carolina v East Carolina
South Carolina v East Carolina / Lance King/GettyImages
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10. Georgia Bulldogs 10-5 (1-1)

Arkansas nearly double Georgia's score in their game this week. That is humiliating. If South Carolina had done it, sure, it happens, but Georgia should be better against a team like Arkansas. Instead, they couldn't make shots at all while allowing the Razorbacks to make 41% of their 34 3-point attempts, which is a surefire way to lose. It was probably just one really bad game, since Georgia had been pretty decent up to now, but I guess we will have to see how the rest of the SEC schedule plays out.

This week the Bulldogs face 14-3 Alabama at home and 9-5 Florida on the road.

9. Arkansas Razorbacks 13-4 (1-1)

The big thing with this team is that they live and die by the three. Arkansas really over-performed against Georgia this week, but only after going 4-27 from 3 in their loss to Kentucky the game before. They attempt the most 3-pointers per game in the conference, and if they get hot they could tear almost any team apart. If they're cold, I wouldn't worry all that much.

This week the Razorbacks face 13-4 Mississippi State at home and 14-3 Alabama on the road.