SEC Basketball: Initial Women's Power Rankings after a fun first week

Power ranking the SEC women's basketball teams after the first week of play
South Carolina v East Carolina
South Carolina v East Carolina / Lance King/GettyImages
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8. Tennessee Lady Volunteers 9-5 (2-0)

The Volunteers are a difficult team to evaluate since they are simultaneously good but clearly not good enough to have gone more than 1-4 in the ranked games they have played this year (and they only beat that now unranked Oklahoma team by 3). So far in SEC play, they have only faced Kentucky and Auburn, two of the worst teams in the conference, which does not help in an evaluation of the team. It will be interesting to see how the face up against Texas A&M this week.

This week the Lady Volunteers face 9-5 Florida at home and 13-2 Texas A&M on the road.

7. Mississippi State Bulldogs 13-4 (0-2)

This is a so-so team that started SEC play out with 2 of the best teams, in my opinion, in the conference. I have watched this team some and still could not tell you much about them. They are all-around "pretty good" but they sometimes play messy, throwing the game away at the last second against a Vandy team with its best player fouled out for a quarter of the game.

This week the Bulldogs face 13-4 Arkansas on the road and 11-4 Ole Miss at home.