SEC Football docuseries to be featured on Netflix?

Rumors are swirling about an incoming docuseries on SEC football coming to Netflix.
In this photo illustration, the Netflix logo is seen...
In this photo illustration, the Netflix logo is seen... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Netflix has really accelerated their production of sports docuseries the last few years. Series’ like Quarterback, Untold: Johnny Football, Formula One: Drive to Survive, Full Swing and many more have gotten a lot of attention for their prospective fan bases.

One of the latest docuseries upcoming will hopefully be released soon. According to The Athletic, “Netflix is closing in on a deal with the SEC to give it the immersive documentary treatment…While the contracts are not yet signed, all indications are that an agreement is close and Netflix will take viewers behind the scenes during the upcoming football season,” Seth Emerson and Andrew Marchand stated.

When will the docuseries be released?

If the contract is finalized, the hope is that the docuseries would be released before the start of the season, and that truly would make the most sense. Netflix tends to release series pertaining to that sport a month or so before the season for it begins, which is a smart model to get fans hyped for the season.

What did SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey say about the SEC Netflix docuseries?

While Netflix declined comment, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey would also not confirm that the rumored docuseries is indeed happening. "We make announcements when we make announcements, Sankey Said. “Despite what sources like to say, nothing’s done until it’s done.”

What teams will be in the docuseries?

Teams will be able to opt in or out of the docuseries of course, so not all will necessarily be featured. I would expect to see the more successful and popular teams however get more airtime.

It is unknown at this point whether the series would take more of the HBO approach like their show Hard Knocks where it profiles and follows individual players or if it will be more of a full team perspective.

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