Staggering Price of College Football 25 Video Game Sets Social Media Ablaze

EA Sports may have released an eye-popping price point of their upcoming "College Football 25" video game being released later this year. And social media was quick to give their thoughts on it.
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$149.99. That is the price of the Heisman edition version of the “College Football 25” video game being released by an X (formerly known as Twitter) account per a tweet sent out Sunday evening). Their baseline model is reported to be $69.00

Many are buying the gaming system it will be played on, the PlayStation 5 simply to buy the individual game. The PS5 console currently retails at $449 on currently. Regardless, the cost of an individual game being $149.99 seems outrageous. To put in in perspective, the original Sony PlayStation that released in 1994 retailed at $299. Fast forward 30 years and an individual game is half of that amount on its own.

Popular teams for the upcoming game that are traditional powers in previous versions are teams like the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Miami Hurricanes and Texas Longhorns.

EA Sports’ Madden NFL Series released its 24 edition recently and is retailing on for $69.99 to put it into perspective. If the prices for the baseline version of the College Football 25 video game are parallel with the Madden series, this is saying something. Madden NFL 25 is set to be released in August.

This appears to be the logic of video game fans as well on X. To-date, the post from EA Sports has received over 350 responses on X.

Check out some Social Media Reactions to the Announced Price of “College Football 25”

While the responses vary from funny, to upset, to understanding, one thing is for certain in that fans are more than ready for this game to take center stage. Will it be worth the price point of $149.99? There is only one way to find out. And that is by buying it, playing it or watching folks play it via stream.

When EA Sports released NCAA Football 14 which is it’s latest version to-date, the cost was around $50. Since there has not been another edition released, the cost has ballooned up to over $130 on Amazon as one example.

With that being said, maybe as consumers we should not have been surprised that a price point like this would come out 10 years later. The buzz around this game has been prominent since the announcement was made, and EA Sports knows the demand will be there.

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