The Worst Non-Calls Against Purdue's Zach Edey in 2024

Zach Edey and the Purdue Boilermakers were at the top of the college basketball rankings all season. Edey is a monstrous center that demanded alot of attention from opponents due to his size, but gained media attention as the NCAA Tournament progressed for his play and fouls that were not called against him. In this article, I dive into some of the worst non-calls against Edey and the Boilermakers in 2024.
Tennessee v Purdue
Tennessee v Purdue / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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Zach Edey quickly became a name this year that was synonymous with bad officiating and missed calls.

While it was to no fault of his own, Edey’s Purdue Boilermakers made it to the national championship game, defeating the SEC regular season champion Tennessee Volunteers in the Elite Eight to get there.

During the contest, the Vols had 13 fouls called against them before Edey had his first. And that first foul against Edey did not come until nine minutes into the second half. Furthermore, Edey drew 16 fouls against the Vols and only one was called against him.

Beyond the Elite Eight matchup against the Vols, there were missed calls against Edey all season.

Here are some of the Worst Missed Calls by Officials Against Zach Edey All Season

Offensive Rebound Push-Off

Edey visibly very obviously pushes off of Tennessee’s Tobe Awake for an offensive rebound in the Elite Eight.