Top 5 most memorable Mike Leach moments

One of the most iconic coaches in college football history, here are some of the most memorable moments from Mike Leach.
Auburn v Mississippi State
Auburn v Mississippi State / Justin Ford/GettyImages

Just over one year ago, college football lost one of its most iconic coaches of all-time in Mike Leach.

In addition to being a successful coach, Leach was inarguably one of the largest, kind-hearted, funniest, and quirkiest personalities the sport has ever had. It is difficult for a college football coach to be liked by every fan base. But for Leach, it would be hard to argue against that. His witty and candid responses were and are still to this day talked about across the college football landscape.

After spending the first 20 years of his head coaching career being spent between Lubbock, Texas and Pullman, Washington at Texas Tech, and Washington State respectively, Leach was not as well-known as those aren’t huge college football markets. His final three years though from 2020-2022, Leach made his was east to Starkville Mississippi as the head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs. And as a head coach of a program that’s part of the southeastern conference, you are automatically thrust more into the national spotlight. And Leach did not disappoint as far as personality goes.

Top 5 most memorable Mike Leach moments

Halloween Candy - Leach goes on a rant about how he hates candy corn. He elaborates on what the best Halloween candy is, and why.

Wedding Advice - Mike Leach gives a reporter advice on getting married leading with, “it’s too late to rescue you.”

College football playoff committee - With the controversy this year specifically over the snubbing of Florida State in the college football playoff, this Mike Leach rant has become super popular. Leach calls out the NCAA’s idea to have a playoff committee. Leach playfully makes light of the logic behind selecting committee members.

“Fat little girlfriends" -  Leach goes on a rant about how his players are not playing well and distracted by their “fat little girlfriends.”

Fan turned into a kicker - the kicking game was struggling at Texas Tech, so Leach noticed a fan in the stands that was randomly selected from a promotion kick a field goal right down the uprights on the field during the game. Leach ended up giving him a roster spot going onto say, “That’s pressure. I figured it would be easier to kick extra points after that.” The next thing you know, the fan had a roster spot.

For these funny moments and so many more, Leach will never be forgotten and should be a model for us all to be our true authentic selves. College football as a sport was privileged enough to have leach as part of the sport for decades, and he will never be forgotten.