Top College Football Photographs Taken by Fans

There were plenty of photo's to choose from in a social media post I recently made asking folk to contribute their best college football photo. I went through and was able to pull out what I felt were the top photographs to provide us all for our viewing pleasure.
Alabama v LSU
Alabama v LSU / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages
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With the majority of spring games just ending, we will be left clamoring for things to talk about, watch and read on until college football begins in late August for the 2024 season.

In addition to my article sharing the top SEC classic matchups of years past to watch , I recently posted out on X (formerly known as Twitter) asking folks for their best college football pictures from the past.

From the over 500 photo replies I received, I went through and identified what I thought were the best.

Here are some of the Top College Football Pictures from Fans Across the SEC

Sunset in Death Valley (LSU)

Tiger Stadium or “Death Valley” as it has been coined is known for registering on the seismograph during previous LSU home games. And with this kind of sunset, it is no wonder.