SEC Coordinator Battles: Round 2


In addition to the SEC Coaches that were engaged in rivalry battles, some SEC coordinators got in on the action as well.  The coordinator battles, unlike the head coaches, were limited to SEC coaches.  They were pitted against each other based on perceived coordinator supremacy.   Rivalries were not the focus, though that is the route we will be going in round 2.  Before we get to the second round, however, let’s check out the results from round 1:

Kirby Smart (68%) defeated Lane Kiffin 

Rhett Lashlee (61%) defeated Jeremy Pruitt 

Dave Wommack (63%) defeated Brian Schottenheimer 

John Chavis (76%) defeated Will Muschamp 

Just like with the results of the head coach battles, there were surprises here as well.  Being an SEC Coordinator is a tough enough job as it is.  One would expect Muschamp to move on before Rhett Lashlee, but that was not the case.  Now that we have our contestants, will try to make these matchups as rivalry-centered as we can.

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Kibry Smart V Rhett Lashlee

Kirby Smart going against Rhett Lashlee provides an Iron War Battle between offense and defense.  Both can be on the receiving end of doubt, as they coach under proclaimed masterminds on their side of the ball.   Smart may never get the credit he deserves as long as he is under Saban.  The same holds true for Lashlee as long as he is coaching under Malzahn.

Dave Wommack V John Chavis

No such problem exists for our other two contestants in round 2.  Dave Wommack and John Chavis are both defensive coordinators under head coaches who are focused on the offensive side of the ball.  John Chavis is an SEC legend while Wommack is experiencing a career renaissance after constructing the Landshark Defense.

The Smart-Lashlee matchup was the no brainer for this round.  It creates a rivalry based battle that should be fun to keep track of.  While Chavis-Wommack is not a rivalry itself, they have experience coaching against each other in rivalry games (when Chavis was at LSU).

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