LSU – Ole Miss football duel a southern affair

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Ole Miss football

Ole Miss football. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

LSU and Ole Miss football renew hostilities this weekend. Can the superior Ole Miss pass receivers carry the day despite a terrible Ole Miss defense? The answer will revolves around a wounded LSU offensive line .

Ole Miss visits LSU Saturday for the renewal of the Magnolia Bowl. The two schools have been meeting up for this southern affair since 1894, and by now, there’s quite a lot of gracious southern hating going on between the two citizenries.

There’s been some bayou feuding going on as well. Ole Miss fired current LSU head coach Ed Orgeron in 2007. Not feeling he was given a fair chance to turn the Ole Miss football program around, Orgeron never saw an Ole Miss Rebel since he didn’t want to whip.

Orgeron probably wanted the LSU job because he knew he would get a chance to whip Ole Miss every year, and he has. He’s whipped Ole Miss twice in two tries as LSU head coach.

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LSU is expected to win again, and it’s no secret how they plan to do it. It’s just a matter of whether Coach O can overcome key injuries to execute the plan.

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