Discovering the Best Ways to Play EA Sports' College Football 25

The buzz is continuing to build as video gamers anxiously await the release of EA Sports' College Football 25 video game for the first time in over 10 years. With technology well-advanced over the last decade and Electronic Arts having years to think about and plan for the next rendition, fans will have several options on type of gameplay. In this article, I give my recommendations for some of the best ways to play the game.
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When sports video games first came out, they were simple. There was one way to play and that was it. You played single games and did not even have the option of starting a season with a team, let alone a dynasty which is the style many use now a days.

The college football video game series began in 1993 with the release of Bill Walsh College Football. In 1998, Electronic Arts (EA) acquired the licensing rights and re-branded the game naming their first rendition “NCAA Football 98.” The game was released annually through 2014 before it was halted.

When is NCAA 25 Coming out?

Well, that halt is coming to an end as EA Sports has announced the release of their next rendition this summer in calling the game, “College Football 25.” The game has had buzz across the nation on social media and beyond. And despite it’s reported price for its Heisman addition of $149.99, fans are still clamoring.

When fans get their hands on the game and so many options of how to play it, one of the main questions that many will toy with is where to start and how to decide whether they’ll play dynasty mode or something else.

Here are some of the Best Ways to Play College Football 25

Dynasty Mode

This is probably the most well-known. A gamer can select a team and play with that team year-over-year battling teams week after week. Not only do you actually play in the games, but you are involved in recruiting as well in between games. You’ll have the challenge of competing against other teams and coaches across the country, trying to pitch recruits to play for your school.

Dynasty mode considers winning when it comes to recruiting as well. The more you win, the easier it is typically to recruit a player to your school. This mode allows you to be your own general manager in a sense having to use your resources and money in ways you best see fit. Your team could come crashing down to the point of you being fired or continue rising.

Simulation Dynasty

Many enjoy the recruiting aspect of the college football video game more than anything else. So while “simulation dynasty” is a name I simply just produced, it fits. Something I have done in the past with the NCAA Football game is simulating all of the games, but recruiting week-over-week.

This helps the seasons to go by faster, but you still get the excitement and challenge of trying to recruit week-over-week and year over year.

Ultimate Team

This will give gamers the opportunity to play as their former player back in a college jersey. This will hopefully be a nice draw for fans who never got the opportunity to play as players such as Lamar Jackson, Johnny Manziel and several more.

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