Key Features Missing in EA Sports' College Football 25 Video Game

EA Sports is set to release College Football 25, which will be the first time the game has been released in over 10 years. With the game having much excitement around it and many positives, as with anything there are a few things that are excluded. In this article, I expand upon the biggest missing pieces of the game.
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Electronic Arts is releasing the highly coveted college football video game that has been dormant due to legal reasons for about 10 years now. While the game has many pros to it and fans are chomping at the bit for it’s return as well, there are some negatives that are not included in the game, as there is with many.

What Features will College Football 25 Include?

With the game set to be released sometime in the next few months, news keeps trickling out about the game and the features it will include such as dynasty mode, Road to Glory Mode, Multiple announcing teams, unique stadiums and more. Overall, this game even though price-pointed for its “Heisman Edition” at $149.99 should be worth the purchase in theory.

I did some research however, and some heads-scratching and honestly rather simple additions to the game were excluded. To me, this was puzzling, so I wanted to share.

What Features are Missing in College Football 25?

Manually Added Players

According to AP News, manually adding players that have not opted into the NIL option EA Sports provided them will be off the table. Sure one may think that this would still be doable as you’re simply adding the name on a jersey. The game will block these players from being added however.

Individual Coaches

Coaches will all look the same in the 2025 version of this game. This is no different from previous renditions 10 or more years ago, but one would think with the advancement in technology over the last decade, EA would have worked to make this more customized and therefore a more enjoyable gaming experience.

FCS Schools

As was in the past, you will only be able to play as an FCS school in individual game modes and not able to play as one in dynasty or other modes. FCS schools will also be named by region and not actual team name. This is the same model as was used in the NCAA Football 14 version.

While these are some drawbacks, lets be honest in that the pro’s seem to outweigh the con’s in the 2025 version. While actually playing the game will be the only way to truly gauge it, if these are the worst missing features, I think it is safe to say that Electronic Arts did a really good job on the product.