Massive announcement coming: What it could mean for college football

Florida State's announcement to leave the ACC could be coming soon and largely impact college football.
Louisiana v Florida State
Louisiana v Florida State / James Gilbert/GettyImages

The Florida State Seminoles could be announcing sooner rather than later their decision to leave the ACC. Recent rumors according to LockedOn ACC indicate that the Seminoles could announce within the next couple of weeks.

Florida State’s controversy with the ACC and its status has been going on for over a year now. Much of it centers around a bad revenue sharing deal that was put in place by the ACC awhile back, and now members of the conference are seeing greener pastures with other teams’ income stream with their deals in conferences like the Big 10 and SEC which seem to outpace the ACC by a longshot.

Because of this, the Seminoles and other ACC members are filing lawsuits, and trying to leave the league for good.

What other schools are considering leaving the ACC?

The North Carolina Tar Heels and Clemson Tigers are two other schools that have been in the news a lot lately involved in their individual cases to leave the ACC themselves. If these three traditional schools leave a conference that is based largely at this point off of the geographic footprint that these schools bring, it could spell trouble for the conference as a whole.

What is the current status of the ACC?

The ACC is expanding this year by three schools as they are adding SMU, Stanford and California. Geographically, this makes little sense for a conference named after the “Atlantic coast.” But this is college football in 2024. And aside from the SEC, very little credence is given to geographical footprint now a days it seems.

If Florida State leaves the ACC, what comes next?

If the Seminoles decide to leave the ACC, rumors are it could be for the Big 10 or SEC, with the Big 10 seemingly in the lead to acquire the program. This not only will shift the ACC, but the entire college football landscape.

Not only will it make the Big 10 even more competitive against the SEC, but it will inevitably make the ACC have less appeal, and most likely cause a domino effect with other top performing football conference member Clemson departing shortly thereafter.

Ultimately if these two college football powers shift to either the SEC or the Big 10, we could see a “power two” at some point, with these two leagues having a superior amount of revenue and talent compared to all other conferences at the FBS level.

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