Social Media Reacts to the Release Date Announcement of College Football 25

EA Sports announced the covers and release date of College Football 25 yesterday. And college football fans across the country that have an interest in the game were not shy about giving their thoughts on social media.
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EA Sports announced that it’s College Football 25 video game will be released on July 19th. This will be the first time the game has been released since it’s last rendition over a decade ago in 2014. That game was so long ago that it featured former Michigan Wolverines quarterback, Denard Robinson on the cover. The Michigan Wolverines have had nine starting quarterbacks since Robinson according to

EA Sports has slowly trickled out teasers or information over the last several months including game features, announcer voices, modes of play, cover releases and other details in the game to get fans excited. Not however supersede the announcement that was made yesterday in the release date of the game.

Also released yesterday was the cover on the standard edition for the game which broke some trends as well. Fans were quick to weight in on what they thought about the big announcement from EA Sports.

Here are some Social Media Reactions to the EA Sports X (formerly known as Twitter) Account Tweet Announcing the Release of College Football 25

It’s clear from the replies that high expectations along with anticipation are present for this game. Many in the thread playfully responded that EA Sports better not have messed up the game, and that it is hopefully not another Madden. The Madden series has being going on since 1988, with EA Sports buying rights to it in the early 2000’s.

The last several years however, many gamers have made mention that the madden series has been deteriorating. And that is the fear of many college football fans as well it appears.

Seeing as it is from the same company, it does make sense that that would be a fear. Hopefully though with all college has to offer by way of recruiting, NIL and other facets that the NFL cannot match, it will be an enjoyable experience.               

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