Watch these All-Time SEC Football Classics this Off-Season

We all get bored during the college football off-season clamoring for anything that will keep us entertained. I dug deep into the SEC archives to find us some of the best classic SEC games you may find enjoyment in re-watching while you bide time waiting for the season to begin.

Phillip Fulmer
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The college football off-season can seem like it is moving at a snails’ pace for the majority of fans. We find ourselves listening to podcasts, scouring social media channels for folks to follow related to the sport, amongst several other ways we opt to try and get creative to pass the time.

And the fact that there has been no college football video game the last decade does not help the cause.

While EA Sports is bringing the video game back, that does not change this off-season. And even then, some fans would opt to pass the time other than a video game.

Here are some of the top throwback SEC college football games that are some of the best matchups of all-time